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• New website!.
• New MIDP2 Extension.
MicroFontMaker utility was rewriten from scratch with new features.
• New demos and examples and Java WebStart links.
version 1.2 released!
Button: processAction() was deprecated, use click() instead.
Button: onClick() method added.
Component: id property added.
Component: getChild(String id) added.
Component: getComponentCount() was deprecated, use getChildCount instead.
Component: getComponent(int) was deprecated, use getChild(int) instead.
Component: getComponentIndex(Component) was deprecated, use getChild(Component)instead.
Component: remove(int) was deprecated, use removeChild(int) instead.
Label: setImage(Image) method added.
Font: mf format was deprecated.
Font: strip format was added. Check example 13.
Font: getImages() was added.
version 1.1 released. Featuring a new way to create fonts (check example 12). The package was renamed to 'mwt'.

The MIDP high-level UI API was designed for applications portability, employing a high level of abstraction, however it provides very little control over look and feel, and sometimes, this is very important.
In the other hand, the low-level UI API provides a good control over graphics and input events, but the API lacks of UI components.
The Java UI's (AWT) would be a solution, but it was not included because it was designed and optimized for desktop computers.

MWT comes into the scene providing an UI framework designed and optimized for small devices.

The Micro Window Toolkit is:
  • Friendly
    MWT is not one of these frameworks that takes control over your application and then you need to ask permission everytime you like to do something. Besides it was inspired by his UI big brothers as AWT, Swing and SWT. You will be using MWT very quickly!.
  • Powerful
    Customize components, use bitmap fonts, etc...
  • Fast
    It was designed and optimized for small devices. Jar size reducing and performance tricks are fully applied.
  • Open Source
    Under LGPL!.
MWT only requires the MIDP1 and CLDC1 APIs, so it's completely portable.
The jar size is approximately 10k after obfuscation.
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